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Project description

We promise you the moon and the stars.
The exclusive villas and apartment blocks blend harmoniously into the landscape. The broad windowed façades provide a fantastic view over one of the Mediterranean's finest bays ... and nothing can get in its way.

Gently lapping on to the shore and within only a few metres from your front door is the sea, where you'll find a small private marina, a stylish restaurant built above the surface of the water and also a private beach. It sounds like a dream, but then it is fantastic. It's the fulfilment of what you have always yearned for, a house by the sea.

Have you always wanted a second home? A sanctuary where you can hide away and enjoy every aspect of life to the full. Or where you can have a simply marvellous time with family or friends.

You probably also know what very special benefits Montenegro, this little gem, can offer property owners. You love nature and the sea, you appreciate the luxury lifestyle and will only invest in property if the quality is right.

In Seagarden Residences you are assured of comfort and indulgence, but in an amazing part of the world, well away from the degradations of mass tourism and yet amongst like-minded people.

The architectural planning and external design are in the safe hands of the Studio K team, a local, innovative architectural studio, while the interior design work is undertaken by the Viennese team, Bea & Kate Interiors.

Superior grade materials
The architecture of the apartment blocks and villas is very much in keeping with regional styles and materials. Buildings are faced with the local bunja stone and the paths and walls are also finished with local stone. Only tiles sourced from manufacturers based in the region are used on the roofs. Forming a grand focal point for the Seagarden Residences, the marina, a modern steel, timber and glass construction, is a real eye-catcher.

Only the best is good enough
The theme of natural, superior-quality and preferably locally-sourced materials is continued in the interior fittings and furnishings. Local timbers and tiles in the interior create a very special ambience and exude a sense of indulgence and stylish accommodation quality.

Highest quality standards
When it comes to choosing materials, only the highest standards apply. This is confirmed by the respected TÜV Rheinland Group, the organisation which oversees the building inspection and certification.

Freedom is about feeling safed and cared for.

The Seagarden Residences offer you various exclusive services at cost:

  • Access to Beachclub on preferential terms for the lounge and beach area
  • In high season the Beachclub will spoil guests with a wide range of culinary delights
  • Fine wines and drinks on sale throughout the year in the stylish and ultramodern lounge bar. Snacks also available in the low season
  • Communications: Telephone with line to reception and internet connection in apartments and villas
  • Reception Service: Check-in / check-out, booking hire cars, boat charter, transfers, restaurants, tickets, babysitting, etc.
  • Housekeeping: Apartment and villa cleaning, laundry exchange (bed-linen, towels)
  • Security: Private 24-hour security service


Every apartment a gem
There are 10 three-storey townhouses and the 60 apartments in various sizes; each and every unit is a gem in its own right.
The apartments - in a unique location with sea view terraces and interior furnishings and fittings completed to a very high standard - offer luxury living and an unequalled quality of life.
Every property is surrounded by a beautiful garden with its own pool.
An underground garage gives easy access to the complex.

Each to his own
Our intention with Seagarden Residences is to create somewhere that is like home. We will pay attention to any individual needs and meet personal requests.
When considering the interior, you could, for example, choose between a basic fitout, including bathroom and kitchen, an all-inclusive furnishing package by our interior designers or a bespoke interior design project with expert advice from our specialists. You decide the service level you require.


Room to fulfil a lifetime’s dream
Owning a home with a sea view, garden and direct access to the sea does not have to be a dream any longer. The four villas combine aesthetic appeal and ambience. The result is a unique experience in living. The floor areas, designed with luxury in mind, range from 271 to 281 sq.m per villa, so there really is plenty of room.
Your high expectations for space and grandeur will be more than fulfilled - across all three floors. The private outdoor area, together with a beautiful pool, ranges from between 41 and 96 sq.m. So plenty of room to fulfil a lifetime's dream.
Of course, in the interior design of your villa all of your individual wishes will be considered and implemented. Upon request, our experienced interior designers will advise you.

Relax in style
An upmarket lifestyle and your own plot of land so you get the privacy you desire. A space to park your car in the Seagarden underground garage ensures you get easy access to the complex.


Enjoy nature and comfort
Seagarden Residences are situated in one of the last Mediterranean regions without mass tourism: In the heart of the Bay of Kotor World Heritage site, the largest fjord in Central Europe, and near the enchanting little town of Kotor. It is an impressive bay in the west of Montenegro right beside the Adriatic. A small marina, a bay and beach are part of the private complex.
Shopping, leisure, services, sports facilities and countless restaurants are to be found close by and the nearest airport is only 15 minutes away.

Where is Montenegro?
Exotic landscapes are not always distant and hidden. In the heart of the Mediterranean, separated from Italy by the Adriatic sea, this small country is waiting for you. This little known country is only an hour flight from Rome or Budapest , one hour and a half from Zurich, and then your Montenegrin adventure can begin.

Why Montenegro?

Come to escape the tempo of the country contemporary lifestyle and enjoy the natural beauty.
Make the most of your time and come to enjoy an abundance of experiences. Feel the adrenaline surge while rafting down the Canyon of the Tara river, the deepest canyon in Europe.
Enjoy in the virgin beauty of Biogradska gora, the last virgin forest in Europe.
Feel the beat of arcadian life in Kotor Bay, the southernmost fjord in the world, and something wonderful happen to you.
You can choose to explore one of the 117 sandy beaches on the Adriatic sea, renaissance coastal towns or peaceful mountain scenes beside glacial lakes.
Discover a part of the undiscovered, on which the unique seductiveness of Montenegro rests, when conquering the irresistible peaks of Durmitor mountain.
Cruise along the largest lake and the biggest bird reservation in Europe - Skadar Lake. Experience the special dimension found in the particular combination of ethnics and aesthetics which are the soul of Montenegro.

That’s why you should visit Montenegro
Feel challenge, excitement, adventure and love! Montenegro is waiting for you!


Montenegro – visit only once and it’s forever in your heart.
To safeguard its natural charm, Montenegro prefers to shun mass tourism, only opening its treasure chest of idyllic landmarks to quality-conscious connoisseurs. This tiny nation at the southern end of the Adriatic coast is a country of countless superlatives and they’re all within easy reach.

  • Europe's deepest gorge
  • the southernmost fjord
  • the largest lake in the Balkans.

The many still largely untouched sights of scenic beauty are almost dreamlike. Particularly impressive is the area around the Bay of Kotor, where the Seagarden Residences are situated.
The climate in Montenegro is Mediterranean, with a summertime average of 25° C and 5 to 9° C in winter. The air is clean and healthy ? the area is known as a perfect resort for rest cures.

The beautiful Old Town of Kotor, built in Venetian style, is now a UNESCO World Heritage site. Ringed by a massive town wall, the little town, built on a slight elevation, boasts many delightfully picturesque squares. The delicious food and local wines draw customers into the many pretty restaurants, bars and cafés, creating a convivial, often romantic and always tasteful sense of warmth and companionship.

Art & Culture
Montenegro is an unusual unity of contrasts of different civilization courses present from earliest times. Its border between two worlds – The East and the West resulted in different cultures being present here, in which one can recognize traces from Byzantine, Islam, Venice, Austria-Hungary.
Of course, the most noticeable traces and the biggest number of monuments originate from Slavic culture, in particular the ones from the time of the dynasties Vojisavljevic, Nemanjic, Balsic, Crnojevic, with the last Petrovic Dynasty. Monasteries Ostrog, Moraca, Piva, Savina, are just a part of the church treasury belonging to Orthodox-Byzantine cultures. Political independence of the state and of Orthodox Church will lead to autonomy of cultural styles in art. At that time the monasteries were centers of political, spiritual and every day life. Montenegro expressed its high spiritual ambitions in particular in the XV c. when, at the time of discovery of America, it got its printing house. Church books were printed in it with Renaissance decoration of great artistic value.
On the Montenegrin coast, in the territory which was for a long time under the Republic of Venice, Gothic and Renaissance prevailed till the XVIII c. At that time the Baroque style dominated both in sculpture and painting, whose extraordinary representative was Tripo Kokolja (1661-1713).
Civil Art in Montenegro appeared in a time of national maturity in the XIX c. This led to international integration when many young people went for schooling in European university centers. These were contacts that laid foundation of the modern Montenegrin culture which became part of the world heritage thanks to the name of Petar Lubarda, Dado Djuric and Danilo Kis.
In Montenegro, a country which unselfishly paid the price of liberty and sacrifices – poetry has a magical power. For the Montenegrins, in the past and now – poet, state and religious leader Petar II Petrovic Njegos (1813-1851) was and remains the example of wisdom and love of freedom, morals and patriotism, because,"… A man must act as a man!"

Nature’s stars – the Montenegrin countryside has many sides.
Montenegro is a fantastic watersports paradise for divers and sailors, while bikers and walkers will find, both on the coast and inland, a countryside that is almost completely unspoilt. And towering over it all are some breathtaking mountain peaks.
Beckoning in the winter are snow-covered landscapes perfect for wintersports of all kinds … and they’re not even an hour away from Seagarden Residences.
Nature-lovers and countryside connoisseurs will be thrilled. Oleanders, palms, agaves, bamboos, magnolias and eucalyptus trees thrive in the warm air. The simply unbelievable diversity of the fauna and flora is also on show in the four national parks. The Lovcen National Park, for example, just inland and near Kotor, is a full-scale nature conservation area.

Garages/Parking Spaces


A space to park your car in the Seagarden underground garage ensures you get easy access to the car-free complex.

Place Object-No Price To ObjectStatus
G-B18-0115'000 EuroB18-01free
57G-B6-0115'000 EuroB6-01free
63 G-B8-01 15'000 Euro B8-01 free
109 G-B17-03 15'000 Euro B17-03 free

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